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In Islam there is nothing that has been emphasized upon more than seeking knowledge. Several verses of the Holy Qur`an talk about knowledge and the status of knowledgeable people. In fact, the first command given to the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) was to read. It is only through knowledge that one can worship Allah (S.W.T.) correctly, and even the Holy Qur`an explains clearly that it is only those with knowledge that fear Allah (S.W.T.)

1. A brief introduction of the Integrated program:

Rasul al Akram Academy–Integrated Program is designed to blend Islamic studies, Arabic language with the Academic subjects at the secondary level according to 8:4:4 Kenyan systems. This program was formulated in the year 2004 to prepare and produce knowledgeable citizens of integrity. Through this program, the school aims at laying a strong foundation for future researchers further studies in all fields of Islamic Sciences, Arabic language and other studies offered in higher learning institutions. 

1. Main Religious activities done in the school:

In addition to religious studies offered in class, the school, through its integrated programmes, administers observance of all religious obligations upon Muslims like establishment of the five daily prayers, Ramadhan fast...etc. it also holds Islamic festivals within and outside the school spear-headed by Muslim teachers and moulders

  The school is fully equipped with facilities a learner needs to achieve the fore-told goals. It has a well equipped library with Arabic and Islamic materials, a mosque and an integrated departmental office for matters related to religion and Arabic. 

Religious Studies
The subjects taught are divided into different categories as summarized below:

1. Qur’an and Hadith Studies

2. Islamic Jurisprudence

3. Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence

4. Rational Sciences and Philosophy

5. Islamic Ethics and Upbringing

6. Islamic History 

7. Arabic Language




Technical Department


Technical department is one among the many departments in the school which deals with all the affairs of the Business …

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